Michael Dunham, a CBD Story

I’ve been a visionary & entrepreneur all my adult life & have been guided by the Zig Ziglar saying “ you can get everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want”.


I spent 17 years promoting over 1200 Rock Concerts & Broadway Shows including the Rolling Stones, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Rodney Dangerfield & many others. Then another 15 years implementing Energy Efficiency/Environmental Protection programs for 235 electric utility companies in 37 states & 2 Canadian provinces. (Google Michael Dunham – JACO Environmental)


During this career, I was nominated to a UNEP Task Force on Climate Change & featured in the movie Carbon Nation with Richard Branson, Van Jones & others. I semi- retired in 2016 at at the age of 67 but found myself without enough money to live the life-style to which I was accustomed & was somewhat bored after an active 40 years in business.


Today, I’m part of an affiliate marketing program providing CBD Hemp Oil for health & wellness. It’s a miraculous supplement that has amazing healing potential for ailments such as anxiety, depression, arthritis, psoriasis, sleep deprivation & chronic pain which I’ve experienced first hand.  It’s made from the marijuana plant but lacks THC so doesn’t get you high & is legal in all 50 states.
Please visit: mickeyd.primemybody.com or contact Michael Dunham at: 949-637-7107 or madunham17@aol.com for information, discount pricing or becoming an affiliate.


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